Outlook Logbuch

Wer, wie wir elektronische Seekarten verwendet ist sicherlich auch an der Verwendung eines elektronischen Logbuchs interessiert.

Hier bietet sich Microsoft Outlook gerade an. Wir haben dazu ein paar Custom Forms entwickelt, die eine sachgerechte Niederschrift aller wesentlichen nautischen Ereignisse erlauben.

Dieses Logbuch steht hier zum Download bereit.

Read Me (in Englisch)

The Outlook Logbook provides a Marine Logbook using Microsoft Outlook public folders and forms.


Five different Forms are provided to cover the majority of events and incidents:

  • Navigation: Form to document navigation events, current position, log, sail and engine
    You can read Position Data in the Navigation Form directly from your GPS
  • Diary: Documentation of text events, highlights or even pictures.
  • Service: Documentation of weekly, monthly and special service check events
  • Supplies: Documentation of fuel and water replenishment
  • Weather: Weather pressure, sky and cloud cover.


Several different Views are provided to give fast access to required information:

  • Timescale: This is the standard view, which provides access to all information in a time scale format.
  • Calender: One view providing unfoltered and five views providing filtered access to all logbook entries in a standard Outlook calender view
  • Of course, all other standard views are also available


We assume the GPS's NMEA-Output is already connected to one of your COM-Ports, possibly with an Interface Adapter. If not, check in the documentation of your GPS on how to connect this to a PC.

When you create a Navigation-Form, you can select the COM-Port and press the "Read"-Button. If valid GPS-Data from either the "GLL" or the "GGA" sentences is received within 15 seconds, the received position data will be entered automaticaly in the form. Additionally the System Time of your PS is entered as Date/Time (we refrained from taking the time from the GPS, because different Systems put this in a different Sentence).

Make sure to stop your Electronic Chart Program before reading from GPS. These programs typically open the COM-Port exclusively for their own use, so that Outlook can not get data at the same time.

Where should I install the Logbook?

You need do nothing beyond opening the Outlook Logbook.PST file and selecting the Logbook Folder. If you just want to see how the forms are designed, or you want to customize the forms, use the application on your machine in personal folders.

For the developer

The Outlook Logbook forms are graphically customized native post forms that contains several user-defined fields.

The Description field on this form resizes to accommodate different display resolutions. The Outlook message control, which is used for this field, resizes automatically and allows the user to format the text being entered. Using this field gives your customized forms the ability to enter rich-text and allows for AutoPreviewing within the views.